Sesame Seeds Manufacturer and exporter in india

Premium Quality Sesame Seeds Manufacturer and Exporter in India

When it comes to premium quality Sesame Seeds Manufacturer and exporter, one name that stands out in the industry is Chamunday International. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of sesame seeds in India, Chamunday International has established a reputation for delivering exceptional products that meet the highest standards of quality. This blog post will delve […]


The Almond Board of California has released the June Position Report with record shipments of +278.5 million pounds compared to 220.4 million pounds last year for an increase of +26.3 percent.  Exports lead the charge being up 38.3% over last year.  The availability of vessels and equipment combined with lower almond prices resulted in excellent […]

Agricultural in Ukraine

The economy of Ukraine is an emerging free market. Like other post-Soviet states, its gross domestic product fell sharply for 10 years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. However, it grew rapidly from 2000 until 2008 when the Great Recession began worldwide and reached Ukraine as the 2008-2009 Ukrainian financial crisis. The economy recovered in 2010, but since 2013 the Ukrainian economy has been suffering from a […]

Agro Product Exporters

Agriculture is the most important sector of the India, which is play a vital role in the indian economy. Only agriculture contributes 16% of total Gross Domestic Product. India exports huge quantities of products like vegetables, spices, tea, fruits etc etc. Agriculture not only provides food and raw material but it also provides employment opportunities […]

Raisin Exporters in India

Raisin is nothing but dried grapes. The word raisin is derived from Latin racemous, which means cluster of grapes or berries. Raisin contains many nutrition value and medicinal properties like fiber, vitamins and minerals, they boost our iron level and keep our bones strong. Apart from all this raisins are the greatest for the snacks. They also […]

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