Agriculture is the most important sector of the India, which is play a vital role in the indian economy. Only agriculture contributes 16% of total Gross Domestic Product. India exports huge quantities of products like vegetables, spices, tea, fruits etc etc.

Agriculture not only provides food and raw material but it also provides employment opportunities to considerable proportion of population.

India is having a huge market in the import and export business of agriculture products. which is respondible for the good profit for the most of the traders.

Chamunday International is the one of the traders and exporters of the agriculture product from Gujarat.
we chamunday inaternational process and export products like Various type of peanuts, Raisin, Chickpeas, Spices and spices powder, Coconut and cocoa powder and Dry fruits and nuts with many other origin products and many other agriculture products.

We mostly export in Europe Market, Non europe market, Gulf Market / Middle East Marlet, Fareast Market / Asia Market etc

Our main products are as follows :

Peanuts [ Pinda /арахис/ Maní / الفول السوداني    ] :
We trade and export the Best quality of Peanuts to our clients. we have a variety of peanuts like Inshell Peanuts, Blanch whole and split roasted peanuts, Java quality Pink skin Peanuts, Bold Quality red skin Peanuts etc. apart from that we have also export other origin peanuts like Argentina origin peanuts, Brazil origin peanut and china origin peanut.

 Raisin [rozijn / изюм / pasa / زبيب   ] :
We also Export Raisins with many qualities, like Green Raisin, Black brown Raisin, Golden / yellow Nashik origin raisin, Sangali origin golden raisin, Malayar Raisin etc.
Our main countries for the Raisin export are Netherlands, France, Poland, Germany, Spain and many more.

Spices and Spices Powder [kruiden / специи / especias / توابل  ]:
We export many types of Spice and Spices products like Dehydrated products, Flax seeds, Asafoetida, tamarind, Chilly, Basil Seeds, /psyllium Seed, Kalonji, Hallam Seed, Celery Seeds, Seena Seeds, Dry Ginger, Fenugreek Seeds, Dill Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Turmeric finger, Cumin Seeds and many other Spices products.

Apart from all this we also export products like Chickpeas [الحمص, kikkererwten, Нут, Garbanzos], Coconut and cocoa powder, different types of seeds and many more other products.

 We follow all the international norms so we can give best quality products at best price.

To ensure success we always believe in transparency in business.

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