Gujarat to harvest bumper groundnut crop on favourable monsoon

We talked with some farmers and find our this, this year Farmer choose peanut for Farming than other products,  Even rain was in favor for peanut too so Production Per Hector also will be better than last year 2018.


  • New Crop will start from OCTOBER And also Expecting Shipment from India also start in END OF OCTOBER too.
  • This year is very good in compare to last year. Even Crop also was larger than last year
  • Last Year Crop Area of Peanut : 18 00 000 MT and this Year OCT 2019 – Expecting 29-30 00 000 MT


  • Rain was on time and It was Enough for Peanut Area so Expecting Fruitful results
  • Still we need one more time RAIN in some Peanut AREA.
  • Crop is Good Enough and Quality also good so expecting prices will open Near 950 USD Approx. For BOLD 50/60
  • Still, Here government is important factory, if Government Announces “Supportive Rate” or Start to buy Peanut In shell from Farmers then it will Increase market anytime.
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